Charles A. Smith Jr.

Charles “Chaz” Smith Jr., age 72, of Nelsonville, Ohio, passed away peacefully on April 4, 2021 at O’Bleness Hospital, Athens, Ohio.

Charlie was born October 17, 1948 in Camp Lee, Virginia to Charles Albert “Pete” Smith Sr. and Frances Lois Smith. He proudly served his country in the United States Army, and later serving the local community as a Family Self-Sufficiency coordinator for Metropolitan Housing Authority. Charlie was also eager for family togetherness in his own family and bringing as much of the extended family together as he could. He was so generous for many decades by hosting the annual Smith/Six/Taylor family reunion, a full day of food and family fun. However, his true passions in life were music, nature, graphic arts. Over the years, was requested to do many special projects, murals, and technical drawings. Charlie had collaborated with many musician friends and bands, such as, TunnAbrix, Heathen, and Chazamatazz, just to name a few.

Surviving are his sons, Chris Smith and Caleb (Lori) Rife; brothers, Bob (Jo) Carter, Larry (Betty) Sater, and Fred Smith; sisters, Paula Reaves and Lois McManaway; grandchildren, Samm (Kody) Sinisgalli, Cameron Smith, Brianna Rife, and Kaila Rife; canine companion, Ukiah; and feline friend, Marley.

Charlie was preceded in death by his parents, Pete and Frances Smith; and sister, Patty Beavers.

Funeral and veteran services will be held at 5:00P.M., Saturday April 10, 2021 at the Warren-Brown Funeral Home, Nelsonville, Ohio. Cremation will follow after services.

Calling hours will be observed 4:00 – 5:00 P.M. on Saturday April 10, 2021 at the funeral home.         

In leu of flowers, the family asks for donations to the funeral home.


August 08,2015, Charlie wrote:
“I want people to know that I have lived a good life and accomplished many things. I’ve
tried to be a honest and sincere man to all I’ve encountered. I have never intentionally
hurt anyone and I’ve enjoyed many friendships throughout my life.
My personal passion in life has been the playing of music and the writing of music. I
think my Dad, Pete Smith, for being the person who connected me with learning to
play music. I’ve always appreciated him doing that.
While I may not be a person who outwardly showed love to other in the way many
people do, I have done my best to let others know that I love them and I hope they
know that about me.
No life lived goes without regrets, but I do not dwell on the past and believe that living
in the moment is the right way to live, at least for me. I believe in keeping a positive
attitude about living life and that it’s very important to treat others with respect and
decency. I tried to live in that manner.
As for my beliefs in way we are born and live and pass away, I must say I believe that
the spirit that animates the body is eternal in far more ways than we mere humans can
understand. When it is time for our spirit to leave the body, it does so with much ease
and acceptance and then goes on to experience many marvelous things beyond our
human comprehension. Those who remain behind on Earth should not be sad, but
should be happy for the spirit that has passed thru the thin barrier between the
physical and the spiritual existence. It is human to be sad for those that pass, but it
should also be human for them to be happy.
John Lennon and many others have said that what we need is love and it is an
absolute truth. It is far better to love every day and show it in as many ways as
possible. Everyone needs love and to give love.
Life is really only a short journey for each of us and the saying about it’s all in the living
the journey is beautifully true. Be kind to all you meet and try your best to remain truly
human with all you meet.
I’m not perfect and I have my shortcomings as do others. All I can say is I tried my best
while I was her.
I’ll see you all on the other side! “